Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat Reviews

Want to experience an adventures walk with your baby? Bring Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat. It gives you flat and smooth walk and also choice of running and jogging. Its baby friendly design makes it special in all. It looks stylish but is strong enough to hold baby’s weight and is available in beautiful colors. With it you can enjoy running, walk and jogging with your infant.

Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat has mobile handle, which gives you comfort of choosing comfortable height, move it up or down. The grip of handle has been made comfortable and friendly for human touch. It also has a safety strap in handle so that you do not lose the hold of Urbini Avi Jogger while running. Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat can be fold one handedly and can stand on its own when folded.


urbini avi jogger with optional infant car seat
Separate car seat or the seat of the Urbini Avi Jogger is made of fine quality of foam, comfortable and friendly for the baby. The seat of the Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat is recline-able to sleeping and sitting mode according to the need of the time. This really cares the comfort of the infant and is a big plus of the product. There is seat belt in separated car seat and in the Urbini Avi Jogger’s seat too, fixed in the seat for the safety of baby. It is an easily operated and reliable product for the parents.
There is a pouch kind of space under the seat of Urbini Avi Jogger to keep things like wallet, feeder of the baby or toys etc. tow cup holders on the handle give you comfort of drink while having a walk. There is a deep cup holder for the baby in front of him. The cup holders are deep and large enough to hold any size of cup or bottle in. The canopy or the roof of the seat and Urbini Avi Jogger is water proof and mobile, it gives benefit of being safe from sun or the rain.

Urbini Avi Jogger with optional Infant Car Seat is indoor and outdoor rider. Its wheels are of comfortable size to support the indoor and out outdoor ride. Furthermore it has very good one touch braking system. The front wheel is swivel but it can be stable by spinning the switch above the front tire when need to run or for jogging. Its strokes don’t allow you to worry about the baby’s sleep or comfort.
The Urbini Avi Jogger is a light of carry able weight strong. Its weight is just about 19 lbs. In all it is a very good product for the baby and for the parents to keep their baby in comfort. Whatever one wishes to have in his baby’s vehicle it is there. There is comfort, there is security and there is joy also. What else one wishes for.

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