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Double stroller has become one of the smartest choices for families. To carry more than one baby, this is the perfect option for anyone. To fill the requirement, Graco has brought their ultimate and fashionable double stroller. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is their great creation. The theme of this stroller has been patterned on Dragonfly. The outer look is amazing. With a simple look, the necessary features have been added so carefully. If you are looking something suitable for your twins or children, then this is going to be a working product for you.

graco duoglider classic connect stroller

Now let’s take a look on the features as well as the merits and demerits of the product. Firstly the outer looking is outstanding. There are two seats attached in Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller. As a category of double stroller, both of the seats are settled back to back. Six-wheel system has given a perfect balance to this stroller. The frontier portion is equipped with four wheels which are made with rubber and aluminum. The backside part has two same sized wheels that keep your baby safe from bumping. As for the brakeage, both the front part and back part has reliable brakes. It will keep the stroller stable on ground. The front seat has a removable cup holder that will help you to keep your coffee or drinks. The unique part of Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is the storage space. Here is a large storage basket added with the double stroller. The shading system has also been improved by the designers. It is convertible and flexible. You need not to worry about any kind of damage. You may ask what are the advantages or disadvantages of these features. The answer is really simple.


The extreme balancing of wheel will keep your children secured in any unsmooth street. When your children are in sunlight or dirty places, the shading system of Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller will protect your baby from the side effects. Then again, the harness system is also an important concern for this particular product. Two hooks strapping system will tie up your babies safely with seats. As a guardian, you will feel much comfortable with handlebar. This is developed focusing on the light pushing power of the user. But there is something fishy about this stroller too. The fragmented and gathering of different parts in a single stroller have made it a little unstylish. There is a chance of adding foot space for the child which has been ignored. The armrest of Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is not so soft and usable for your baby. In spite of these matters, it is the best ever production by Graco. Their after sale service is surely praiseworthy. The available color of the product will surely match with you. If you really want to give your children a nice gift, then this is the best one that will keep you closer to them.

Graco Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller - Dragonfly - Grey - Graco
Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller - Dragonfly - Grey - Graco
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