Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green Reviews

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green is a very friendly product for parents and the baby. It is an easily operated product. It can be operated one handedly, it’s enough height gives you comfort to take it with normal walk without bending down. It keeps going like flowing water just by pressing a gentle push.

It has an extra car seat to keep the baby down. Both the seats (stroller seat and extra car seat) are very comfortable for the infant. The foam and cover stuff of the seats is of good enough quality to ensure the safety of your baby’s skin. Both the seat can be bent and reclined according the need. Just like sleeping mode and the sitting mode however you like it to be.

graco alano classic connect travel system go green

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green is beneficial product. It has a large drop down basket for keeping like wallet and such other things. It does have two deep cup holders and a remove able tray for the baby having a deep cup holder. Its locking wheels allow you to stop and lock the wheels from any kind of mobility. It has very nice smooth and easily holding handle which never makes you tired of ridding the stroller.

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green is a very safe product for the baby. It has soft baby skin friendly handle at front for the baby to keep hands on or grip it. The foot pad is gives comfort to the baby. It does have a seat belt to make sure the security of the baby.

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green’s dispatched or separate seat is a big plus for the product. It can be place separately on the ground with the help of its base (provided with the product) and it also can be placed in the car or any other vehicle (without base). The seat belt in the dispatched seat is to protect the child just like a driving seat belt. The stroller and the car seat have been tested under the American security principles; it is safer for the baby from all dimensions. It has been made very strong but still, it is very easy to carry with, with a very light and carry able weight of 7.5 lbs and with the base 12 lbs. A baby of up to 50 lbs can be kept in the seat easily.

Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go green is long durable product and very stylish as well. Its stylish look never meant weakness of it. In case of dirt you can wash its cushions. It can be washed in normal cold water (not hot). Stroller frame can also be washed easily at home with normal soap but force rubbing can cause color removal. Use of Bleach is prohibited for the washing of the product or any part of the product. If wheel does not move swiftly use little oil not anything else.

It is easily foldable in fact one handedly you can fold and carry it anywhere, leaving one hand free for carrying baby with. It has six wheels, two at back and two at front with pair. The double wheel of front makes it very secure from falling on any dimension. It comfortably can be used while walking, shopping or in journey keeping your baby secure from any danger of falling. Its 180 degree rotating canopy (sun shade) protects your baby from upper side from sun or if anything falls at. The strokes in front wheels give comfort to your child in sleep while you are ridding the Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System Go Green from one place to other. The tires are of good enough to ride the stroller in door or out door. In all it is very nice product of the age.

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