Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley Reviews

Is your child fond of colors and irritated of plan and unpleasant looking strollers? Is he fond of chocolate and Giraffe color? Or he is too young to sit in a stroller hold his head on his own. Then you need to bring a Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley. The product is a very best choice for your baby infant and for all other baby bearing parents too.

Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley is colorful and very stylish product. It has chocolate brown spots on it that make it very wonderful and pleasant looking. It looks like a chocolate color Giraffe. There is not only the beauty in the product; there is strength too to carry 40 plus pound children in. It is stylishly strong and very helpful product for your infant.

The Cosco Commuter Travel is a combo of stroller and separate car seat. The stroller has six wheels, two from back side and four at front in a pair. The front wheels are swiveling but can be locked with a swinging switch if needed. The universal size of wheels give you comfort of indoor and outdoor ride and running.

cosco commuter travel system quigley

Cosco Commuter Travel System’s separate car seat and stroller seat are made of fine and child friendly foam. Both of the seats can be reclined accordingly, if needed. There is a seat-belt also in both the seats to hold the baby from falling down. The canopy above the seat is of great use. It can be adjusted at desirable position and it protects the child from sun and rain.

Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley’s handle is fixed at desirable height; there is no need for you to recline your vest to bend down to the handle. It is also covered with nice quality of foam to comfort your hands and avoid the slip. The bar in front of seat offers child to keep his hands at and hold it to get safe and he can keep his feet at the foot pad. There is a tray also for the child to have his food there and there are also cup holders to hold his feeder.

Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley is an easy one handedly foldable item. It is too slim in folded shape that it can be placed in a very small space. Too light weight offers you to carry it at any of your desirable place without any difficulty.

The stroller’s separate seat is easily adjustable in any vehicle and is of very light weight. You easily can carry it or let it say one handedly you can carry it to any place. The base of separate car seat is very important; it helps the car seat to be fixed at one place.

Cosco Commuter Travel System Quigley is a very fine product. It is amalgamation of all needs that one can desire in a stroller of their children. It is stylish, colorful, strong, secure and cheaper.


Cosco Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel System, Quigley
Cosco Lift & Stroll Travel System, Quigley
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